Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Promethean Boards or Smartboards or Neither?

I have been busily working this year creating units for my Promethean Board.  I LOVE technology so I try to use it whenever I can... so of course I love my Promethean Board. 

This year I have been blessed and don't have to turn in lesson plans so I tried to plan so it would be helpful to me in the future.  I planned a unit at a time and used my flipcharts as my plans.  Each day, I posted a learning target... a mini lesson... and then the day's activity. I did this for writing and math this year and I think I am going to be SO grateful next year when I already have all of this work done.  I have thought about putting some stuff on TPT, but I feel like a lot of people don't have the Promethean Boards?  So what do you have??

Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about... here are a couple of pictures of my money math unit:

 Our money unit is 4 weeks... approximately 20 days IF I stay on task!  I used our state curriculum to identify 20 learning targets so I could make sure I tackled each one.  After I identified the learning target, I created a quick activity to teach that target.  After I do the mini lesson, the students go into that week's math centers... below:

So I have always PLANNED on using math centers, but never could quite get it going.  I am happy to say that this year I have finally done it and I will never go back!  Thanks to pinterest and TPT, ideas are so much easier to find!  Each week I have different math centers... this was the first week where the goal was just to identify money.  The first center is a coin book where they write about characteristics of the coin.  The second one, Money Maps, has them sort their coins.  The Gumball Race has them roll a dice (which I put different amounts on) and they had to color in the corresponding gumball.  I have a portaportal account with different math sites.  My kids get on there and do the money activities.  During the first week, I also put out all of my foreign money I have collected and let them examine it, sort it and talk about it.  Finally, the last group is with me.  They are grouped based on ability so I can work on specific skills with them.

This is an example of a mini lesson.  This was actually the first day and the goal was just to identify the coins.  I split them into teams.  I pulled the coin out of the money bag and then if it was their team, they had to scream ME.  I put it in the correct column... the first coin that had five in their column won.  My goodness, they loved it-- so silly in my eyes, but anything you can make into a game :)

So I guess my question is... would you find these useful?  Does anyone else plan like this?  

Happy Tuesday!

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