Monday, May 6, 2013

May Goals... A Little Late, I Know!

Before I do my link for the May Goals, I want to comment on my day.  Today was "D" Day for our ABC Countdown... so it was dance party day.  This was really fun!  Youtube is currently shut down at our school for testing, but I used Dirpy to download the youtube videos at home.  Then I put it in a powerpoint and viola, there it was!  I inserted 7 Just Dance Kids videos.  We did them between activities today.  It worked great as a behavior management too because if they weren't on their best behavior during that subject area, they couldn't participate in that dance party!  It worked out for most of them, a couple had to sit out after math, but we were doing new centers so sometimes they have trouble focusing.  So if you want a fun break, use Dirpy to download those fun youtube videos.  Using Dirpy also allows you to avoid the horrible advertisements that can come along with the youtube videos.


I think I am getting the hang of this linky thing... I think!  Correct me if I am wrong, so I am here to link up to I Heart Recess for her monthly goals Link Party!  So here it goes:
Personal: So I got married to my wonderful husband back in November... but we had a little snag in our marriage that I think has taken precedence over making a scrapbook.  Apparently in the state of Virginia you need permission to have an out-of-state minister marry you.  Who knew?  We had my husband's pastor growing up marry us... from Wisconsin.  Just this past week, we finally received the news the court recognized our marriage... and trust me, this was not without a big headache!  Now that we are "officially" hitched, I need to get a scrap book together!  Here's a peak at a picture that will be in it :)
It really was the best day ever :)

Health: I really need to start working out again!  In the fall, I hurt my achilles and after being in a boot for 4 weeks, haven't really been able to run long distance since.  The bad part for me is I have seen that it hasn't really affected my weight (I am addicted to my fitbit pedometer!) so I have no motivation to workout... but I do need to tone those muscles up so my goal is 4 times/week do some lifting and such.  Let's see if I actually do it!

Blogging: Well I am new to the blogging world... and I am trying really hard to figure it all out and follow people.  I have found such good ideas from these blogs already!  I really hope I can provide ideas that other people can use, but first I need followers! So 50 is the goal for the month, can I do it?  Help me out... I promise I'll give ya good stuff to read!

School: Do you get in that mood where you can't wait until NEXT school year?  Well I have gotten into that mindset.  I really want to do more thematic stuff next year.  I tackled the writing curriculum and math curriculum this year and I think I really made my teaching better... but I think adding themes to each week will make it more exciting for the kids-- so thats my goal!

Fun: My husband and I LOVE to travel.  We normally do a big trip overseas each year, but with the wedding we can't quite make that work this year so we are staying stateside.  We are taking a 24 day southeast Roadtrip.  I want to hit all 50 states by the time I turn 30... after this road trip, I'll have 5 left (North Dakota, Washington, Nebraska, Alaska and Hawaii).  I am excited for our roadtrip... New Orleans, Savannah, Florida, Memphis, Nashville, etc... but we have made NO plans.  I need to get on that!!

So those are my May goals!  I'll let you know how that goes at the end of the month.  Its a busy month, but summer is just one month away for me!!

Cheers to a Good Month!

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  1. Dance Party Day?! That sounds like so much fun!! We don't get out until the end of June, but I want to plan an ABC countdown! Good luck with your May goals! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade