Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am the type of person who cannot stand a mess in my classroom... agh!  It makes me cringe just thinking about it.   Now in my no way is my classroom perfectly organized, but the chaos has a specific spot to sit in until I can get to it :)  For example, today I looked at my pile in the basket of "To be Filed" and its very big!  I'll need to tackle that soon, but here goes this linky.  I am linking up to Fun in Room 4B For her Organization Linky Party. 

I saw this when I got home, but did have a couple of pictures of my organization on my phone that I thought I would share :)

1. Binders:  I will never ever go back to file folders, I just love binders!  Each month has a binder, but so does each core topic.  It makes it so much easier to find things and it frees up my file cabinets for all of my monthly themed books :)  This took a long time, but definitely worth it!
2. Reading Groups: I am lucky to have a small class this year and only have 4 reading groups.  Each group has a box with all of their books, writing supplies, etc.  Below that, I keep all of the stuff I could need for reading groups... the  bottom is kind of a "catch all" (again, organized chaos:)  )

3. Copies: I hang this up by my desk and it holds any papers I need for the week... or however many weeks ahead of me that I am ready for :)  Its simple because its on the wall and its easy.

4. Math Centers: This year I really tackled math centers.  I bought these boxes at Ikea (5 for like 2 dollars) and labeled them.  I am hoping next year this will make my life a lot easier so I can just pull games when I need them.  I am always trying to find a way to make things easier, but somehow I always have something to do!

Well, hope I inspired someone with their organization!  What do you do to stay organized?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Don't you just love Ikea for all of the cheap boxes? I used to be a binder girl, then went to files, now I'm back to binders. They just work. Thanks for linking up.


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I use binders, too! Last spring I organized my math centers/activities into baskets and it has worked SO well this year! I don't have to dig through cabinets, etc. to find exactly what I need.

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  3. I love the magazine boxes from Ikea. I think I have a million of them in my room!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  4. I really like the idea of using magazine boxes for your centers! I'll have to stock up on those for sure! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  5. I like the way you organize your papers for the days ahead!
    Grade ONEderful
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  6. I couldn't make it without my hanging file folder chart! I use it in the same way and it makes my desk so much more organized and I no longer have to search for papers! Aren't binders so great?! I love how much easier they are than file folders!
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  7. I just inherited many binders, so a binder party may happen. What do you put in your binders? Do you hole punch each page or put it in a page protector? Thanks for your help.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  8. I love your shelf of math center boxes. I am a binder girl myself but I have found that my center games don't work well in binders because of the bulk from the activity cards. So I tried boxing each game, but that takes up a lot of space and gets expensive if you are OCD about having the same size boxes. So the magazine boxes may work. At least they would be in by categories which would definitely be a plus. Thanks for the idea. Off I go to Ikea!
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