Sunday, January 10, 2016

Five for Friday - Sunday Edition

Well, I didn't blog on Thursday... or Friday... or Saturday (but technically that wasn't part of my goal) so here I am on Sunday trying to get in on the Five for Friday action.   Thanks for letting me link up Doodle Bugs Teaching!  Here are 5 things from my week,

1. New Year's Wall
I wanted to do something for New Years, but with everything else I wanted to do and us only being half day, I had to do something quick.  This only took about 10 minutes.  They decorated their hat and then I glued it on their head.  It makes for some cute decor in our room and they love seeing themselves up on the wall.

2. Daily Five
I was so worried that after break my kids would come back and not remember our routines.  After some refresher conversation, I told them I was going to try to catch them doing what they are suppose to do and if I saw a great example, I would snap their picture for our Daily Five wall.  This kiddo was really enjoying a new January book in our Listen to Reading center and was thrilled to be a "good example." for our wall!  Easy peasy.

3. Weekly Science Experiment: Skittles!
We dissolved candy canes before break so bringing out the skittles for our weekly experiment was fun.  A lot of them thought the skittles would disappear.  Maybe if we had left them longer they would have?  We did enjoy watching how quickly their color disappeared.  They enjoyed mixing the water too with the different colors.  This was a very easy experiment to do, but I head a LOT of scientific talk.  My kids noticed that the primary color when all the colors blended was orange.  We got to talk about the orange skittle, but also how the red and yellow skittle made the orange color.  They also created my follow up science experiment for next week.  They were curious what would happen with M&Ms.  I'm a bit curious now too since they have chocolate in the middle.  Next Friday I plan on bringing in a bunch of different colored candies to try... maybe gobstoppers, skittles again M&Ms, jellybeans... any other ideas?  I'll tell you how it goes!  

Science experiments have been so easy this year because I spent the summer prepping for the year with my TPT product.. A Year of Science Experiments.  Every week, there is a question, materials, procedure, hypothesis page, etc. already done to follow along with.  It has made my life super easy!  There are printables to go along with each experiment as well, but that would be a lot for my kiddos right now in the time table I have to get experiments done.  Doing weekly experiments has been great as far as teaching vocabulary since they are exposed to it all year long!

4. No Folders
Since this is my first year in kindergarten, I am getting use to not having desks.  I didn't want them to have an unfinished work folder that they always forgot about so I just have them put anything that is unfinished right here where they can see it.  It's also a quick way for me to see who hasn't done specific assignments.

5. Rainbow Words
I blogged about rainbow words earlier this week!  You can check that out.  Here is where I keep track of who knows what lists.  Three out of 18 of my kids already know how to read all 18 lists of words.  One student already knows how to write them all too!  Wow!  This is great to motivate them to learn those sight words at their own pace!

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