Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 2... and here I am blogging again.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snap the pictures I wanted to take today before I left my classroom.  Maybe tomorrow my entry will be more visually stimulating!  Here is my day in 3... 2... 1

1. During our Morning Meeting time, I play the Fifty Nifty United States son (which I learned in first grade).  We've only been doing it since December 1st, but some of my girls can sing all of the states!  I credit my first grade teacher, Mrs. Conroy, for knowing all of my states and it infuriates me when people can't name all 50 states.... have you seen that Friends episode?  So, you're welcome students, future adults, for teaching you your 50 states.

2. We did a spur of the moment math project today because our hallway bulletin board looked a bit bare.  We made hot chocolate mugs and put "marshmallows" in.  They created two sets of them and then added them together.  It ended up very cute and they followed directions really well.  (pics posted tomorrow!)

1. Over break, I encouraged the students to practice their sight word packets.  Some of them are rocking it.  They are almost through them all and have their names on every color of the rainbow.  I love this system.  I give each of my kiddos a sight word pack called "Rainbow Words."  There are 18 separate lists of sight words.  Each list has 6 words.  Once they have mastered a list, they get a sticker.  Once they've mastered three lists for each color, they can put their name on that color of the rainbow!  Once they finish the rainbow, I put their name in a cloud to be displayed around the rainbow.  If they need the extra challenge, I have them go back and write the words.  I had one student already be able to write all of the words!  Her name is in a sun!  Here is a link to the product on TPT:

1. Tomorrow we start our letter writing unit!  I know the kids are going to love writing letters to each other and putting it in the mailbox for Friday deliveries!  Since I am use to teaching first grade... I am going to slow down the teaching part of letter writing.  We are going to learn about the date and greeting tomorrow.

2. I hope all of my kiddos are back tomorrow.  Two were out yesterday and two again today!  I hope all 18 are there tomorrow because I honestly miss them.

 1. I told one of my kids that I liked her fluffy hat today... I was corrected multiple times that it was a PUFFY hat... not a fluffy hat.  It's the little things :)

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