Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fraction Action

I was browsing bloglovin and saw a couple posts about Workshop Wednesday.  I am excited to link up with Ideas By Jivey for the first time... and it worked so well because I just finished my Fractions unit, which is this week's theme :)

The county switched our curriculum around this year and we are knee deep in fractions right now!  I am always so intimidated by fractions before I start... so many big words, numerators, denominators, fractions of a whole, fractions of a set... lots to teach!  However, today, as I met with my kids during week two of fractions I noticed they have it!  They picked it up pretty quickly and I am hoping its because we've been busy bees playing games in my new fraction unit!

My Fractions Unit is three weeks.  We started with a pre-assessment.  In week one, we focused solely on fractions of a whole.  Here are a few screenshots from week one games:

In Week Two, we are moving onto fractions of a set.  They are understanding the link between fractions of a whole and fractions of a set.  Many of the games are the same for week two, but fractions of a set.  Here are some other ones:

In week three, we put it all together with a mixture of activities!  My favorite activity is Mystery Fractions.  Here, they get a fraction piece and they need to trace it in the circle to see how many times they can trace it to figure out the fraction.  It's fun for problem solving.

These games have worked out really well in my class.  You can purchase them in my TPT Store.  If you have a promethean board, buy this pack because in addition to the games, you have a daily mini lesson as well as daily number talks.  If you don't have a promethean board, you can buy the PDF version and put the games in your centers.

A post-assessment is included in both sets!



  1. Your games look so fun! (Advanced 1st graders!-very impressed!)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. Thanks! I just hope it sticks with them when they really start diving into fractions :) Enjoy your weekend!

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  3. Wow!! First grade!!! I think I have some fourth graders that would struggle with these activities... :( You are bringing them up right! ;-) Thanks for linking up! These are great games!

    1. thank you! I am sure they can be adjusted for fourth graders too :)