Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday!

What a quick week!  Here's a quick recap to link up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!  Here we go:
The most exciting thing that happened is that we got beautiful hardwood floors installed!  We bought the wood in August with the intentions of doing it ourselves, which we totally would have had we been able to nail it!  Since it was a concrete base, we had to glue it and that made us really nervous so we spent the money (well worth it!) to have the floors done in a day!  I LOVE them!!!  Now we just need area rugs :)  We have also noticed that it is actually warmer with the floors than the carpets, who knew?!


It was parent/teacher conference week!  We had Monday and Tuesday to meet with parents/get report cards done/work in our classrooms/do a million other things (you know how it is!)  I always like meeting with parents, even for just a brief time because it reinforces the kids are learning and still excited about school.  The other good thing about parent conferences is report cards are done :)

We did a great Veterans' Day activity this week too.  I found a super cute craft on pinterest (but just tried to locate the source and it just links to a jpg so if its yours, THANK YOU!  We wrote to soldiers and I am sending out the package this weekend.  I thought it was a meaningful way to learn about the Day as well as cheer up our troops.  To any service members who are reading this, Thank You!

I LOVE to travel.  It helps that my husband is a teacher and also loves to travel so we get to spend or summers on the road.  Anyway, I love bringing this into my classroom so every Friday is "Travel Friday."  Today we went to Hungary, which is the country my husband taught in for a year as an international teacher.  My kids get SO excited to "fly" to a new country every week.  We fly in our airplanes, learn the language, see the sights, and do different activities.  It is so fun.  If I can get my act together, I hope to share more about it on the blog :)  I'll keep you posted!  Next week we are off to Peru!

A few things to be excited for this week/next week!  First, tonight my husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary (a week early!).  We are spending the night in the city (DC) to see John Oliver.  I am so excited.  I wish he would hurry up and get home.  I am also excited because this magical picture showed up in the forecast for Wednesday: 

Apparently we may be in for a snowstorm!!  Last year if this had happened I would have had a minor meltdown because I wanted my wedding outside and snow was not an option... This year, I say BRING IT ON!

Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Your floors looks amazing!!! I love the color! Happy Anniversary! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

    1. Thank you! Seeing your floors done inspired us to get ours going, even if we wimped out and didn't do them ourselves :)