Saturday, October 19, 2013

Five for Fraturday!

Ah!  Another week where I didn't get to post until Saturday!  Maybe next week will be my week to come back to the blogging world more regularly :)  Here I am though to link up to Doodle Bugs Five for Friday!
My old teammate from my old school sent me this picture this morning... made my week!  I had this little one 3 years ago and left the school 2 years ago and I still made it as her hero :)  This is why we teach :)

My kids are doing an awesome job with our start of our small moments unit!  They really are latching on to the idea of finding a tiny moment and then stretching it out!  This is the first year the kids haven't struggled with the concept... maybe because everyday I look like a goober emphasizing the ideas of STRETCHING it out :)  I will try to take some pictures of the kids progress next week so you can see how awesome they are at writing already :)

We also started our geometry unit this week.  The kids only have to know what a rectangle, circle, square and triangle are... and their attributes.  They already learned this in kindergarten so we have been powering through to trapezoids, hexagons and pentagons (which have provided some of them a bit of a challenge).  We also started talking about 3-D shapes.  I made this game for next week that I think is really cute :)

 It will be available in my TPT store by the end of the day :)
We had a full moon this week, which explains my kids behavior on Thursday.  I couldn't understand how they had been so perfect on Wednesday during math centers and Thursday it looked like we had never done math centers before!  Then I noticed the full moon and ahhh, it clicked.  Does any one else feel the curse of the full moon in their classroom?  Fortunately, by Friday they were back to their perfect little selves :)  I love my class this year!

Speaking of my class, I have a couple changes this week.  One of my little ones is moving :(  I am so sad about this because he is such a hard worker and I was really looking forward to seeing his growth this year!  Hopefully he will continue to achieve in his new school.  I also got a new student who doesn't speak any English.  I have had my ELL students before, but never one with no English.  I know that at this age, he will pick it up quickly and I have already seen this... any tips of the trade for helping him out as much as I can?

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. My class has random bad days when the moon isn't full!! One day I think we are a well oiled machine and the next it's craziness... There are getting better at being on all the time now though.
    My school is FILLED with ELLs. And I always have at least 1 who speaks no English- this year I have 2. Do LOTS of vocab instruction before reading or introducing a new concept. LOTS of pictures. And remember that they might go through a silent period where they won't talk- totally normal.
    And I'm your newest follower!

    The Land of I Can