Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day Jitters

Yesterday was my first day.... and I still had first day jitters!  I would have thought by year 6, those would be gone, but I did read a fellow teacher's facebook status that said the same thing.  She had decided that getting first day jitters is a good thing because it means we are still excited about teaching.  I will have to agree.

But back to those first day jitters.... I love that book, but alas didn't have time to read it to the kids!  Anyone else overplan for the first day?  Like didn't get to half of the things they wanted to?  Guilty!

I had so much I wanted to do yesterday, but we didn't quite make it.  I reflected on Day 1 last night and decided I still did too much.  Today I want to slow down and really make sure those procedures and rules are in order.

My biggest success for yesterday?  Getting the kids on the right bus!  This is my biggest fear every year, but they all made it where they needed to go at the end of the day.

I also found my math time to be extremely productive, although... again, didn't get to everything!  This week I am implementing full math time procedures.  Our county is implementing Problem of the Day, which is great!  We are also implementing number talks. I really wanted to get our math procedure down this week so we started with our problem of the day and then rotated through three centers (just playing with our math tools this week) and then finished with number talks.

I think I have math planning down to a science this year and I am thrilled.  I make a flipchart for each unit.  In the flipchart, I have the daily problem of the day, a whole class mini lesson, the centers for that day and the number talks lesson.  This way, the whole unit is done and I can adjust year after year.

Well, I need to start getting ready to head back for Day 2....

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