Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Word Study Break Down

Continuing in my attempt to post about my daily routines, I figured I would go in order.  Every day after Morning Meeting we do word study.  I have an extensive amount of word study resources, but I have finally figured out a way of managing it.  Below you will see four different boxes (CHEAP from IKEA!)  They are labeled with each of my four different groups.  On Monday, they have to go to their box and cut our their words for the week.  They keep them in a plastic bag in their desk to sort each day.
Every Monday, I meet with every word study group for about ten minutes.  We do the sort that is part of each of my Word Study Units where they sort on pictures.  I cut out the words for each unit (and laminate them for further use) and together we talk about the words and put it on the correct picture.  Before they leave my table, they have to do the sort with their own words and read the words to me.

I have invested TONS of time into making all of these games for my different word study units.  I keep them in this big old binder (I've added a second one!)  Each sleeve has a unit.

After Monday, I put the leveled games into the different boxes.  Students can choose to play whatever game they want during our word study time.  To make my life easier, I created game bags for each game with all of the required pieces.  Students simply grab the game from their box and the bag with the pieces, play it and then return it to the box.

I want students to do written practice of their words so each group gets a written activity each week for their words.  Below are ones that I rotate through:

During the week, the students must complete the tic-tac-toe sheet at home for homework.  They can choose any activities they want each night, but they must get three in a row by Friday.

On Friday, I give each word study group a test.  It may seem a bit daunting to give 4 different word study tests, but I simply put each of the groups at different tables and walk around and give the different words to the different groups.  They must write the words in the correct sort and write them all correctly.  If they do this, they get a super speller award, which they LOVE!

I hope this has helped your word study.  I love word study and think it is so helpful for the kids to learn their spelling patterns!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Love your word work rotation pages! So simple yet effective. Are they on TpT?

    1. Yes! You can sample any unit in my store for any word group or you can buy the whole years worth of word study with my A Year of Word Study Part1 and A Year of Word Study Part 2. They were too big to publish together! This would provide you with a year or word sorts and the accompanying games :)