Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New TPT Project!

I know I already mentioned the vacation I was on, but I think I have a problem.  The whole time I was gone, I was thinking and writing down projects I could do for my classroom/TPT! Am I the only one who can't turn the brain off?

Anyway, I have been working for the past two days on the first of a series of mini unit activities.  I love words their way, but was a little bored with some of the activities I was doing so I am creating about 5 activities per word sort (and adding more words!).  I figure I will put this in a word study center and each group will have their own designated tub of activities they can work on throughout the week.

I got a little carried away... I created a 47 page document for AT and AN words.  I am really proud of some of the activities - there is a fun word search, a board game, some sorts and other fun things :)  Check it out at my TPT store!

Tomorrow my hubby is pulling me away from my computer for a trip downtown, but I'll be back at the next set on Thursday!

Happy Tuesday!

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