Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Writers' Workshop Update and Goals for Next Year

We worked on our All About books for an hour today!  I don't have any breaks in my day after lunch on Wednesdays so sometimes they seem a bit long for the kids, but today was a different story.  We took out our All About books with the goal of writing for 30 minutes... 40 minutes rolled around and the kids were still going strong so we worked for a whole 60 minutes with just a little stretch break!  When I told them to clean up they got mad at me!!

I would say about half of my kids are independently chugging along on their All About books... but about half still need some guidance.  Today I was very thankful for post-its.  I went around to all of my kids who were struggling a bit and sat down to plan out their whole book.  Together, we put post-its on each page on what was suppose to go on that page (what header... or picture).  This helped put a visual on what they need to do and I hope the rest of their book will go much smoother!

Our goal is to publish next week, adding different components each day.  I will update pictures as their books near publishing status!

In other news, its spring time which means its my time to start thinking about next year!  I always do this, do any of you?  I have so many goals for next year... I love that teaching is something you can always improve upon year after year.  I am excited to start out a new year with new systems for things.  I have been very inspired by other blogs and teachers pay teachers.  My big goal for next year is to create thematic weeks.  My kids love centers now, but I feel I could start to follow a theme.  I am going to start trying to plan that out now so I can start working on it.  Maybe if I write my goal here, I will actually do it?  Here's to motivation!

Happy Teaching!

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